Dedolight 3-Light Daylight Standard Kit
March 10, 2017
Dedolight DLH400S Octodome 400 Watt HMI Soft Light Kit
March 10, 2017

Dedolight 400 Series Projection Attachment w/185mm Lens

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The DP400 projection attachment is a modular system, enabling poinpoint control over the light from a Dedo 400 Series, or other similarly sized spotlight. The Projection Attachment accepts different focal length lenses, for different “throws” of light. This kit includes a 185mm lens, which is suitable for most applications, and a Universal Receptacle.

The DP400U Universal Receptacle allows the use of a gobo holder for steel or glass gobos, or film transparencies, a loose shutter set, or an 18 leaf Iris.

High precision image projection.
No color fringing, no halation.
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