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ATOMOS Ninja Travel Case
February 23, 2017
ATOMOS Shogun Action Pack Black Sunhood
February 23, 2017

ATOMOS Shogun Action Pack Yellow sunhood

Assembled from components designed specifically for your Atomos Shogun, the Yellow Shogun Action Pack from Atomos protects and enhances the usability of your Shogun monitor/recorder. The kit includes a non-adhesive screen protector and rubberized armor chassis for protection from knocks, bumps, and scratches. The included sunhood protects the screen from direct sunlight and veiling glare, and the travel case can carry your Shogun and a variety of accessories.



Screen Protector
The screen protector is non-adhesive, which means it will not leave a residue when removed. It protects your screen from dust and scratches without interfering with the touch panel functionality.
The rubberized armor protects your Shogun from the minor knocks and dings routinely encountered during a production day.
The Yellow sunhood provides shade from veiling glare and direct lighting conditions, which may make it difficult to see the image on the monitor. The sunhood uses a durable fabric construction that folds flat when not needed. It attaches to your monitor using mounting screws and hook and loop fasteners. It features an elastic slot on the underside of the hood that allows you direct access to the touch screen. The hood extends over the air vents of your Shogun, providing some protection from rain and snow. A removable magnetic mask fits over the sunhood provides significant glare protection.
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